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No-Fines Concrete

Top Suppliers of No-Fines Concrete In Surrey & London

No-Fines Concrete in Surrey

Price per tonne: £30

No-Fines By eliminating fines (sand or fine aggregates) from regular concrete, lightweight concrete is composed of just coarse aggregate, cement, and water. No-fines concrete’s benefits, drawbacks, and mix proportions are reviewed. Single-sized coarse aggregate, passing through 20 mm and held at 10 mm, is often employed. Because of some of the benefits it has over traditional concrete, no-fine concrete is becoming more popular. The single-sized aggregates produce an excellent no-fines concrete that, in addition to having big voids and therefore being lightweight, has an aesthetically appealing appearance.

The Benefits of No-Fines Concrete

  • Due to the lack of fine particles, concrete is a lightweight concrete, with a density of roughly 25% to 30% less than regular concrete. As a result, the structure’s self-weight is reduced.
  • It has less drying shrinkage than standard concrete since it does not include sands or fine particles.
  • It has a greater thermal insulating property than regular concrete, making it suitable for exterior wall building.
  • Because it contains no fine particles, the amount of surface area needed for cement application is significantly decreased. As a result, as compared to regular concrete, the amount of cement used per cubic metre is lowered. As a result, it is cost-effective.
  • Because lightweight concrete contains no fine particles, it has no influence on quality owing to coarse aggregate segregation. As a result, it may be dropped from great heights.
  • It may be compacted without the use of concrete vibrators and can be done as simply as tamping with rods.

Ideal For

✅ Dampproofing subbase
✅ Pavement construction
✅ Re-enforced concrete
✅ Construction of out buildings

Only £30 Per Tonne


Frequently Ask Questions

Here are the most common questions asked about No-Fines Concrete. If you have any more questions, please get in touch.

No-fines concrete is a kind of special concrete in which fine aggregates are not used in the mixing process. The use of no-fines concrete in the construction business, particularly in the pavement construction, has become very popular.

No-fines concrete is used primarily for load-bearing cast-in-place exterior walls of single and multistory houses, minor retaining walls, and as a dampproofing subbase material for concrete floors built on grade.

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