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Grab Hire

Affordable Grab Hire for Surrey & London

Grab Hire
Our Grab Hire Service

Grab Hire in Surrey

Grab lorry hire is the best way to remove large amounts of waste and debris quickly. Grab lorries are among the most versatile and effective tools you can find on a modern construction site. Comprised of a high-capacity bed truck with an extendable shovel claw attachment, these useful vehicles have a range of applications. It is no wonder that grab hire packages are among the most popular services we provide here at 1st Class Disposal.

For more than ten years, customers in London and Surrey have been able to benefit from our grab hire solutions. Our grab truck is regularly maintained and serviced to ensure it remains in top condition. This ensures that every time you hire it, you are assured a powerful and dependable machine for any project.

Professional Grab Truck Hire In Surrey And London

When you hire our grab truck, the package includes a member of our team to operate it. This is a matter of health and safety, as well as insurance. Grab trucks can be extremely dangerous in untrained hands. Fortunately, our operators have years of expertise with these devices. This ensures fast and efficient waste removal, every time.

Our Grab Hire Service

Who is Grab Hire for?

A grab hiring service may be required by a variety of persons, including the following:

DIY / Home improvement 

Home upgrades are occasionally necessary for many homes, particularly for first-time purchasers or developers. While some DIY jobs are modest and may be completed with the aid of a home skip hiring business, others need the assistance of a grab hire vehicle. But don’t worry; a grab hiring service can take care of all the heavy lifting for you, lowering your chance of accidents.

Gardeners / Landscaping

Gardeners would benefit immensely from a grab hire service, depending on the scope of the operation. Soil, sand, gravel, and other yard waste items may be quite heavy in large quantities, but a grab rental vehicle can help. Don’t strain yourself needlessly; utilise our grab hire service to dispose of your items quickly and easily.

Property developers / Construction

Property developers will be able to utilise a grab hire service in the same way that home improvement enthusiasts can. Homes that are in desperate need of repair will create a lot of rubbish, and grab rental is the most convenient and cost-effective option to get rid of it.

Individuals and Small businesses

Those who are self-employed and run labor-intensive enterprises can benefit greatly from a grab hiring service. It will save money and time by keeping personnel busy doing things like paving patios instead of loading skips or going to and from the tip many times a day. Grab rental vehicles can transport a broad variety of rubbish, so any labour-intensive, hands-on company may use it.

Grab Truck Hire
Our Grab Hire Service

High-Capacity Grab Trucks In Surrey And London

Our grab truck is built to a sturdy and reliable design. It includes a high-capacity bed, capable of holding tons of loose material. This makes it more than enough to handle most domestic projects, from rubble clearance to landscaping work. It can also be used on commercial projects, whether for waste removal or transporting materials across the site.

What can you use grab Hire for?

Can be taken by grab hire

Can not be taken by grab hire

Surrey Grab Hire

How Much is Grab hire?


£ 150 + Vat
  • Concrete
  • Rubble
  • Stone


£ 230 + Vat
  • Clay
  • Stone
  • Soil


£ 290 + Vat
  • Trees
  • Bushes
  • Cuttings


£ 450 + Vat
  • General Rubbish
  • Mixed Waste
  • Construction Debris
Skip Hire FAQ

Frequently Ask Questions

Here are the commonly asked questions regarding our Skip Hire Service. If you have any further questions, please get in touch.

Grab trucks, which are used for the collecting and transportation of enormous amounts of rubbish, are usually 3 metres wide (9.8 feet).
As a result, it's essential that a grab rental vehicle has simple access and enough clearance all the way around.
A grab rental vehicle stands around 3.8 metres tall (12.4 feet) and 7.8 metres long (25.5 feet) on average.

This is largely dependant on the quantity of rubbish you have and its location at the pickup place.
It might take roughly 15-20 minutes to completely load the truck if you have an average quantity of rubbish and it's properly laid out and ready to transfer into the lorry.
If you're uncertain, it's always best to consult one of our expert specialists.

An empty grab lorry weighs roughly 16 tonnes on average.
A grab rental lorry's maximum authorised mass is 32 tonnes, allowing it to transport 16 tonnes of garbage.
Depending on the kind of trash, this translates to a volumetric equivalent of 12 to 15 cubic metres.

The arm may reach up to 8 metres in length if a double extension is installed.
This is usually more than what is necessary for folks who use grab hiring services on a regular basis.

This is critical to the removal's effectiveness.
It must be placed in an open area with lots of room on all sides.
It should be far enough away from any low-hanging branches or vegetation, and far clear of any overhead lines.
After that, the vehicle should be able to pull up beside the garbage and collect it.