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Blended soil

Top Suppliers of Blended soil In Surrey & London

Blended soil in Surrey

Price per tonne: £32

A blended topsoil is a mixture of diverse elements, generally in varying amounts, as the name implies. To make a high-quality landscaping product, two or more of these components are blended or completely combined together. Blended soils may be made to fulfil particular requirements. Soils, for example, may be combined to provide drainage, provide nutrients, or even assist in preserving moisture where they are employed. Blended soil is generally extremely adaptable and reasonably priced.

Top-quality blended soil

Our Premium Blended Soil is a high-quality organic soil mix that is rich in nutrients. It’s comprised of PAS 100 compost, with sands and minerals added to aid drainage and usage. It’s ideal for creating borders, planting, and growing veggies. Our dirt has been screened to a thickness of 10 mm, and it is a fantastic product to deal with. Our Premium Blended Soil is ideal for most landscaping jobs at home.

Top Soil Uses

This is a product that may be used in a variety of ways. Although it may be used to improve soil, it is perhaps best known in the garden for levelling the ground before planting grass. It may also be used to fix divots and mixed with seed to make a grass patching mix. Garden landscaping projects of any size may benefit from 1st Class Disposal Top Soil.

Ideal For

✅ Creating borders
✅ Growing vegetables
✅ Landscape gardening
✅ Grass-seeding straight on top

Only £32 Per Tonne


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Our top quality blended soil costs as little as £30 per tonne

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